Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not Your Usual School

Open Air School
A class of students at a school in Abu Shouk refugee camp, north of the Darfur town of Al-Fasher. The open-air school has two teachers, 75 students and operates seven days a week.

Senegal SchoolClassroom in a Bedick village near Kedougou, Senegal.

The World's Smallest SchoolThe world's smallest school, an elementary school in Dasu village, has just one teacher & one student.

Riverbank School

This village primary school is located on the banks of a river. It has 52 students & out of these 52 students, 18 stay across the river. There is no bridge; only two cables that are the only means to travel across the river, so these students have to use these wire cables every morning to go to their school & later to reach back home.

Cave School

This is Dongzhong primary school at a Miao village, Asia, where the students have to travel over the mountains to the cave to learn everyday.

Hut School

A weird hut school from Asia.

Floating School
Halong bay with a community of around 1600 people live in four fishing villages. They live on floating houses & are sustaining by fishing & marine aquaculture. This is one of the floating schools of the floating fishing village.

Interesting School Bus from India

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