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Wedding Hijab

Another popular style of wedding hijabs is the Egyptian one, which consists of two pieces. The inner piece is similar to the long wedding hijab and is worn around the face. The outer portion is twisted around the placed at the top of the head, but both these pieces are joined together at the forehead.

Wedding Hijab Similar to the Egyptian ones are the Kuwaiti wedding style hijabs. They also consist of two pieces but the second piece is placed between the neck and chin area. It is then further wrapped around the first portion to create a neat and polished look.

These are just a few types that can be seen worn by women all around the world. Regionally there are certain differences in the head scarves worn by Lebanese, Moroccan, Jordanian and Turkish women which set them apart from each other in a crowd.

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High Beehive Hairstyle Classic for Weddings

For years we have been utterly transfixed by the glamorous vintage hairstyles of our classy role models such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Those fantastic blonde curly locks that Marilyn modeled inspired us all in the 50s. While brave Audrey pushed all the boundaries with her short and jagged tresses. Then came the big bouffant styles of the 60s, followed by the thick and full styles of the 70s and 80s. So what do we notice about hair fashion? It all goes around in circles! Amy Winehouse rocks the classic beehive that is inspiring teens all over the world, and with stars such as Victoria Beckham and Rihanna chopping their long locks into short snappy hair styles; an old trend is reformed and reshaped.

Some would say that our GHD straighteners, blow dryers and expensive salon products are our hair saviors, without which we could not create those wonderful dos. But how did they manage to concoct high maintenance hairstyles in the 50s and 60s? Uncomfortable nights sleeping whilst wearing hair rollers and pins were used to create those tight curls and it was popular to have thick “bangs” cut to create a more edgy style. From there the groovy swingin’ 60s took over with huge fashion inspiring stars such as Twiggy parading her ultra short crop and the mop haired Beatles. With the 60s influence also came funky accessories such as multicolored headscarves, Alice bands and brightly colored flower power clips.

After the swingin’ 60s came the punkish short spikey hairstyles of the 70s that were all the rage, this era also came with some very bizarre fashion trends! Remember the very slick inspirations from the glorious movie musical “Grease” featuring style legends of the time, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. In this era, the only hair tool you needed was a big fat tub of hair gel.

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Indian Wedding Saree

There were times when the traditional silk sarees weighing up to six kilos was the order of the day, but today you are sure to see anything from tube blouses to even cocktail dresses for weddings. Despite such incorporation’s, the heavy embroidered south Indian silk sarees have not yet lost its charm. It’s also not rare to see brides wearing black mehendi, which at one era was considered to be particularly inauspicious. Chennai girls are certainly having their own choice in their own matchmaking style when it comes to their wedding attire.

This might sound a bit alarming, but before you start designing that tiny little blouse for your attractive cocktail sari, consider yourself warned; after all it’s a traditional wedding! You might easily be able to do away with the garish silk sari and the excess of jasmine flowers without causing too much of a protest, but try cooperating with your gold jewelry and keep in mind that its a brand new ball game. Usually the chic aunties from every corner of the world have a very carefully acquired talent, their fortune by can actually read yoased on how much gold you wear at the next family wedding, be it through your jewelry or saree embellishments.

The more gorgeous saree you wear, the more wealth you actually flaunt. The new designer sarees available in the Indian market have already shown its magic in every corner of the country. The traditional south silks and heavy, fat motifs are hardly in use now. Indian Wedding Saree The South Indian wedding sarees are now found in various combined styles within one single embodiment. May be sounding strange, but yes you can actually derive the taste of gold embroidery

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Heart Shaped Hair Styles 2010

Heart Shaped Hair Styles 2010 If you are looking for a medium hairstyle for heart shaped face, then there are plenty of hairstyles available for you to choose from. For those women having a heart shape face, sedu hairstyles suit the most, and this is particularly the case if the hair you have is not curly.Of course you can say that shaped hairstyles for heart face shapes take a lot of looking after but the final result is definitely worth it if you go for a medium length sedu hairstyle on heart shaped face having met the necessary makeup requirements.Another style which looks really great on those with heart shaped faces are Updo hairstyles, and are easy to do when the hair is cut to medium length to give a more elegant look.

Simple updo styles can be managed easily by yourself, you can pull the hair back into a pleat or a bun.More complicated shaped hairstyles can be achieved by paying a visit to your hairdressers if you are afraid to try them on your own. It is always important to make sure that the updo style is held securely in place, as there is nothing worse than this kind of hairdo collapsing in the middle of an evening or an occasion which causes a big trouble for you and spoils your evening.

Medium Hairstyles with Bangs is really great for Heart Shaped Face and is worth a try if you have hair thick enough to make the bangs. The hair should be cut to shoulder length on both sides, and then bangs cut to provide a contour to the face. Medium hairstyles with bangs on a heart face shape looks great for an evening event and would be much more attractive if the hair is pulled back with a slide, or diamante hair grip and several bangs fall gently to the side.

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Bollywood Latest Stylish Saree

When it comes to defining the beauty of Bollywood sarees, radiance dipped in creativity can be clearly seen. To enhance the look of such sarees, it is their draping style that makes them look like a stunning piece of art. It takes a lot of pain for the fashion designers to create sarees based on themes, demands and mix of cultures.Bollywood Latest Stylish Saree In making Bollywood sarees, the designers have to take a lot of care about the heroine’s complexion, vital stats, height and overall personality. After all this, then comes the turn of draping styles. From Bengali to Maharashtrian or any other tradition, the Bollywood sari are becoming iconic.

It is there in the Bollywood that particular styles pertaining to certain movies have created history. One of such style is of Mumtaz that was denoted by layered and well-fitted drapes. It also had a short pallu that enabled the woman to follow it. In fact, the Bollywood sarees worn by her became a style statement in the market. Even now also, this trend is followed by woman of substance and common ladies. After all, everyone likes to look classy and this style of draping Bollywood sari have enabled woman to look exclusively beautiful.

Some of the other draping styles famous for sensualizing the look of Bollywood saris are gown style, air hostess style, Gujarati style and lots more. Any saree would look perfect, when it is tucked properly. Some of the women tend to create their own style of draping Bollywood sarees. The craze of wearing that kind of sarees has enabled the tailors and creative artists to weave magic with the threads of style and vividness.

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