Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jennifer Lopez photos by pauline holt

Jennifer Lopez surpasses her last fashion disaster by going out in her dressing gown

Another day, another fashion faux pas for J-Lo.

The star was spotted stepping out with her beau, Marc Anthony, in a dress that looked suspiciously like a dressing gown.

This comes just a day after selecting an ugly brown crumpled smock and gladiator sandals to cruise around on a private yacht belonging to fashion royalty Dolce and Gabbana.
Jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez committed another fashion crime with this frumpy 'dressing gown' during a 40th birthday celebratory lunch for her husband, Marc Anthony

Lopez, 39, wore the fashion nightmare that would have Trinny and Susannah tearing their hair out to a romantic lunch in Portofino, Italy to celebrate her singer/songwriter husband's 40th birthday.

Luckily she showed more taste when it comes to gifts, presenting him with a flashy Rolex watch.

Later, her adoring husband proved he knew just how to please his lady, taking the 'Love Don't Cost a Thing' diva shopping in town to buy a trendy handbag.

Although, giving her penchant for mumsy house robes, maybe he should have plumped for slippers instead...
Jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez donned a matching granny-style head scarf to go with her dressing gown in her biggest fashion faux pas yet

Jennifer lopez

Jennifer smiles for the cameras in Italy, blissfully unaware of her fashion faux pas

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