Friday, June 4, 2010

hairstyle by sherri owen

HOT hair colors for hot season


There are many different hair colors out there to choose from. Some of these hair color ideas turn into hair color trends.


Hair color trends  with the best hair color tips are a great way to spice up your every day boring hair. These trends can include funky hair color, green hair dye, purple hair dye and blue hair dye.


Those hair colors are just to name a few. Hair trends are usually a combination of styles, lengths and colors.

2009 Stylish short hairstyles for hot

Short hairstyles for hot


Short hairstyles are hot in this season, and are bound to create ripples as trendy 2009 hairstyles. It is predicted that unlike the classic long hair look, the short hairstyle will last into the winter season and maybe even the spring of 2009.


You can create a magical look with the right kind of short hairstyle. The short hairstyle is in because it is quite easy to maintain and takes just a few minutes to the hairstyle.


The short blonde hairstyle is yet another addition to the list of 2009 haircuts.

2009 hair color trends – for hot!

2009 hair color


One thing is sure and that is 2009 will see more people opting for hair color than before! More women and men are now using it as an excellent way to make a fashion statement as 2009 hairstyles and hair coloring trends gain popularity.


2009 might not be a watershed year when it comes to radical colors but what it is definitely going to see is the use of highlights and mature hair colors predominantly brown and its various individualistic shades.From the basic usage of hair color to hide greys, we are now moving towards a New Year which is going to have a mix of many trends.


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