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Ford Vertrek, The Futuristic Mini Crossover

Ford Vertrek, The Futuristic Mini Crossover

This concept car is wonderful. Although it doesn’t look strong, Ford Vertrek still looks futuristic. It is included to be one of Ford cars joining North American International Auto Show 2011 in Detroit.

It is set as a compact SUV for costumers in North America, Europe, and China, Vertrek is the combination of some Ford cars, this car’s cargo volume is same with Ford Escape (1,879 litter for the first back seat and 828 litter for the second back seat), the design is inspired by Ford Kuga and using the 1.6 litter EcoBoost gasoline machine which is also used by other Ford cars.

Absolutely, some technologies of this concept car can’t be found in production cars, for example, the Auto Start-Stop system used to maximize the distance.

Ford haven’t announced yet whether this car will enter the production line or not, but we are sure that Ford Vertrek will be the basic of some production cars in the future.

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The Fast Cell Sun Car

With 88.738 km/hour of speed, University of New South Wales (UNSW) claimed that Sunswift Ivy was the fastest sun-car in the world. It was recorded by “Guinness World of Record” on January 7 2011 in Nowra, Australia. Sunswift is 10km/hour faster than the previous record which was made in 1987.

This car was made by UNSW students, using three front wheels and carbon fiber body, DC 1.800W electric motor, CSIRO without coals. This car produced about 1,200 watt of sun power and using lithium-ion polymer battery with 24.75 kg of weight. But to get the highest speed record, the battery was removed and then the car used silicon cell solar.

Usually, a university project car is driven by the student, but for this record especially, it’s driven by professional racers, Barton Mawer and Craig Davis, from Tesla electric car company in Europe.

The record was made at 10.32 am. The team didn’t try to get the maximum sun power until evening because the rain fell down at 13.30 pm. While the record could not be done in the morning because the sun power used for the sun cell had not been maximum yet.

After breaking the record, Mawer said that the car could be handled well. “But we were a little bit worried when we turned around using the two wheels.” The car was announced by “The Guinness World Book of Records” being the new record and the team also got the certificate.

The previous fastest cell sun car record was 78km/hour by GM Sunraycer in 1987. It was the second succeed of UNSW after they became the winner in Global Green Challenge racing show from Darwin to Adelaide in 2009.

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2011 Mercedes-Benz E550

It is 2011 Mercedes-Benz E550, with the big V8 and slick seven-speed automatic, a good combination. This car is also supported by navigation, satellite radio and superb surround sound audio, lane-departure warnings and lane-correction system.

The car looks charming, the exterior looks so much crisper. While the interior combines comfort and function, it’s gorgeous.

You’ll feel the car’s strength while driving, with plenty of refined power on tap and the light steering. It’s a good sense in driving.

This car costs you $ 57,975 to enjoy its facilities, while the fuel economy is 18 mpg.

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Toyota Prius C Concept, The Economical Futuristic Urbane Car

Toyota Prius C Concept Sideview

The big rival of Honda, Toyota show their new concept car, Toyota Prius C, an urbane hybrid car. It’s provided for the active families, it will be the basic of Toyota economical hybrid compact car in the future.

Although, this Japan automotive producer hasn’t released the next detail, about what power train will be used for this car, but it’s predicted that combination between the smaller platform of Prius and Hybrid Synergy Drive technology will be the heart of this concept car.

Visually, this Prius C looks more aggressive compared to today’s Prius generation that seems to be boring. Absolutely, the production version will not look perfectly same with the design, but it can be a new guidance of the production version.

Toyota stated that some of today’s technologies used by Prius will also be applied by this concept car. Hopefully, hybrid cars will be more economical in the future.

More Image for Toyota Prius C Concept :

Toyota Prius C Concept Front View

Toyota Prius C Concept Interior

Toyota Prius C Concept Cockpit

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The Hottest Veloster and HCD-12 from Hyundai

Hyundai introduce their two interesting concept cars, they are Veloster, the three-door coupe which is set as a premium car and HCD-12 or Curb Concept which is categorized as SUV. Those two concept cars are directly introduced by the Vice President of Hyundai Motor, Euisun Chung.

Veloster is a car with coupe performance and functional hatchback. The third door, is set on the back to let the passengers easily enter and quit. Hyundai call it 2012 Veloster and it’s claimed to be the compact coupe in its segment.

The interesting complement of this car is about its telematic system, Blue Link. It had been introduced last week in Las Vegas. The system uses Pandora internet radio with 7 inch touch-screen.

According to Hyundai, the machine, 1.6 litter GDI Gamma (the direct gasoline injection, plus 6-speed manual transmission) is their first product that uses double coupling. But it’s claimed that the Honda CZ-Z hybrid fuel consumption is more economical, 17km/litter.

There is also HCD-12 Curb, the compact crossover which is targeted for the Urbane Y-Generation who love the night life. The car was designed in Hyundai design studio in California.

Just like Veloster, HCD-12 Curb uses 1.6 litter Gamma machine, with Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) transmission. The machine produces 175 PS energy completed by Idle Stop Go (ISG) technology. The fuel consumption is 17 km/litter in the road-toll and 12 km/litter in the city.

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