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Ford Giving 30 Mile Run for the New Focus

Ford Giving 30 Mile Run for the New Focus

Ford Giving 30 Mile Run for the New Focus


Ford will have something important to be unveiled in 2011. Yes, it is the new 2012 Ford Focus, and the information about this car is still very limited. Ford is understand that this car will be important for them, so they will do their utmost for the car’s launch.


Automotive News is reporting that Ford has run the testing for the first batch of 2012 Ford Focus with 30 miles run at the company’s Dearborn, MI test track before the cars were delivered to the dealers. AN was quoting an anonymous source that the dealers were asking if there was a problem at the launch that lead to this extraordinary measure. Ford said that the test was only to ensure the exact quality. And while Ford is bringing a vehicle with 40 miles per gallon, this is an important launch.


Ford’s spokesman, Said Deep, told An that it will be only the first batch of Focus which were driven for 30 miles as the cars which were produced now is only a copy of the first batch. Those Focus will be taken back to the plant for other tests after the 30 mile road test. The Focus is build at Wayne Assembly Plant, which is only a few miles away from their Dearborn test track.

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Mercedes-Benz Will Debut in New York



The words which are circulating today is that Mercedes-Benz is planning to break the stage of New York Auto Show by having their debuts. From their expected lines, there are three worldwide model that will be seen firstly there, and another three North American model which are also going to debut there.


Some models which are going to be unveiled by Benz in the land of the United States includes their new SLK, C-Class Coupe, and C-Class sedan. To be the world debuts, the sources said that we will see two new variants of Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division, alongside with one brand new concept car. The picture above is the C63 AMG Coupe which will also be there. The rumor also said that the SLS AMG Roadster will be also unveiled at the event.


For the brand new concept car, some speculations said that it might be the new B-Class model or maybe a preview of their next M-Class crossover. However, we will still have to wait for the auto show to find the answer. But don’t worry, our wait won’t be too long as in less than a month, the doors at the Javits Center will be opened.

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Holden Commodore Coming to U.S. As Chevrolet Sedan


Now, General Motors’ has found that their cash flow is back to the reasonable level. As the condition is better, they are now re-evaluating the position of Australian built Zeta rockets such as Holden Commodore. The last new that was heard about this kind of car was the Pontiac G8, which is actually only a Commodore, with some set of new badges.


Following their success of releasing the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, GM has reportedly approved the development of a new species of Zeta sedan for the U.S.. The reports said that the sedan is set to do its debut at early 2013 to be a 2014 model.


Interestingly, it will be concurrent with the introduction of a redesigned Holden Commodore. Unfortunately, more details of the car such as the engine and transmission options has not been available. The estimation is that the power won’t be far from 430 horsepower.  Now the rumor is getting sharper and a little bit unbelievable. It is said that there will be also a sport wagon and Ute models for this car in the future. If the Ute is really going to come, the debut timing won’t be far from the sedan, while the sport wagon coming in late 2013.

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Lotus Evora S Heading to UK

Lotus Evora S Heading to UK



Lotus Cars USA via their spokesperson has confirmed that on last Monday, the first unit of Evora S allotment of press cars have left the Hethel UK factory. Those cars were heading to the port with its both two and four seaters arrangements. We are already excited with the Evora 2+0 with 276 horsepower that is expected to be dynamic with a price of $ 64,000.


Beside that, there is also the 346 horsepower Evora S with a price of $ 75,000. The car will be competing with the 330 horsepower Porsche Cayman R which is priced at $ 66,300, right after the Evora clears the U.S. port of call in late April.


The Evora S is scheduled to make its debut at North America on next April 21 in New York Auto Show beside the 276 Evora IPS which has six speed manual transmission and paddles at the wheel. The Evora S will has 25 percent more supercharged power and a 14 percent increase to 295 pound feet of torque. Moreover, the sport ratio six speed manual and the Sport Pack dynamics calibration button which was a $ 2,775 options for the basic Evora, will be standard features on the Evora S.

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Pagani Planning New Huayra Roadster Supercar

Pagani Planning New Huayra Roadster Supercar


Pagani has now confirmed that they are planning to launch the droptop version of their new Huayra hypercar. The boss of this company, Horacio Pagani, has told the Argentinian media that in three years, there will be a new Huayra roadster.


Pagani also tell that he will call the new Huayra with Da Vinci. Unfortunately, he must forget that name and start to think another name as that name had already been registered. The Huayra name was already taken by a marketing company. I already told you about this Huayra before from the Geneva Motor Show and Pagani said that they have received 60 orders for this hypercar even the huge price tag of one million Euro.


The Huayra will be powered by a twin turbo 6.0 liter V12 engine. Pagani will provide us with two options of the Huayra. There will be the standard engine with the ability of 700 horsepower and 664 pound feet of torque, while the sport version is offering 730 horsepower and 811 pound feet of torque. Pagani hasn’t revealed much about the car, but they claims that the car is able to reach 230 mph and accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 3.3 seconds in testing.

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